Episode 2 with Drs. Leeann Fishback & Steven Mamet 

Earthwatch's Director of Research, Dr. Stan Rullman, was joined by Dr. Steven Mamet and Dr. LeeAnn Fishback for an episode focused on their experiences on the front lines of climate science at the edge of the Arctic. Steve is a Research Associate at the University of Saskatchewan and the Principal Investigator of the Earthwatch expedition Climate Change in the Mackenzie Mountains. LeeAnn is the Scientific Coordinator at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre and PI of the Earthwatch expedition Climate Change at the Arctic's Edge.



Dr. Steven Mamet
Research Associate, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Steven Mamet (Alberta) is a Research Associate at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Steve’s primary research focuses on controls of species’ range limits and functioning along environmental gradients. He uses bioinformatics, citizen science, long term environmental monitoring, and field/lab experiments to study ecological change in subarctic and alpine treeline environments in northern Canada. Steve has worked with Earthwatch on projects in Churchill since 2003 and the Mackenzie Mountains since 2006.

Dr. LeeAnn Fishback
Scientific Coordinator, Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Dr. Leeann Fishback (Western) is the Scientific Coordinator at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in Churchill, Manitoba. LeeAnn’s primary research focuses on environmental geochemistry in freshwater lakes and ponds in arctic and subarctic regions of northern Canada. She lives in Churchill, Manitoba full-time as a northern field research scientist supporting field logistics for a wide range of scientific programs. LeeAnn is passionate about the North and she enjoys living and working at her field research site. She is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba, where she teaches and supervises students. LeeAnn has worked on Earthwatch programs in Churchill since 2002.


Climate Change at the Arctic's Edge
Climate Change at the Arctic's Edge

Scientists expect to observe the greatest effects of global warming in the Arctic.

North America: Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Lead Scientist: LeeAnn Fishback, Ph.D.
Duration: 11 days (avg. $336 a day)

Climate Change at the MacKenzie Mountains
Climate Change in the Mackenzie Mountains

Scientists expect to see the greatest effects of climate change in the Arctic. But what, exactly, will these effects be?

North America: Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territory, Canada
Lead Scientist: Steven Mamet, Ph.D.
Duration: 11 days (avg. $336 a day)


Trees in the Tundra

Earthwatch scientists search for evidence of climate change in one of the most extraordinary places on the planet.

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Trees in the Tundra



Climate Change in the MacKenzie Mountains


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