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For companies to achieve their ambitious sustainability goals, innovation must come from all branches of their business. Our unique professional development programs engage employees at all levels in immersive, nature-based programs designed to disrupt traditional approaches and encourage innovation. Employees return to work with an increased awareness of their organization’s sustainability agenda and a deeper understanding of how they can support it. Whether it’s a two-day experience or an immersive week-long program, Earthwatch’s professional development opportunities will help to educate your employees on global environmental issues and empower them to become environmental leaders in their workplaces and communities.

Our experiential learning approach is at the core of each of our employee engagement programs. Employees work side-by-side with leading scientists to conduct hands-on environmental fieldwork. The research creates a foundation that our learning workshops build upon, allowing employees to see sustainability as a core business issue and opportunity.

Beyond strengthening your sustainability strategy, employee engagement offers many benefits for the companies that invest in it. From building leadership skills to growing employees’ professional networks to increasing employee acquisition, retention, and innovation, employee engagement strengthens every aspect of a business.



EY-Earthwatch Ambassadors



As a result of this experience, I will never walk a national park, or any park the same way again. My view and regard of the ecosystem and its organisms has forever been positively altered. As a citizen on this earth, I believe we are stewards, and each have a role to play in protecting and preserving it.

Ayanda Godi, Senior Tax Consultant, EY




Since 2009, Earthwatch has collaborated with EY to engage high-performing early-career professionals with the opportunity to participate in one-week expeditions to help solve environmental challenges and assist local businesses in meeting their sustainability goals.

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Two women reviewing recorded data in the forest.
A scientist showing something to a group of people in the mountains.
A man and a woman reviewing specimens captured in the wetlands.


Building a Culture of Sustainability

Through our experiential, science-focused programs, Earthwatch engages your employees to build or strengthen a culture of sustainability within your company while encouraging innovation, leadership development, and sustainable thinking
Sustainability Training Teams

This program immerses employees in environmental research, enabling each staff member to become a sustainability advocate within your company. Skilled facilitators work with employees to increase their understanding of relevant sustainability issues and to create a sustainability action plan employees can implement upon their return.

Sustainability Leadership Program

Tackle sustainability from the top. This program focuses on engaging senior leaders to develop a deep understanding of sustainability as a core business issue and opportunity. This experiential, nature-based workshop is designed help employees break out of their routines, consider new perspectives, and actively engage with sustainability at a personal level.

Sustainability Champions Program

This program is designed to reward high-performing employees with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work alongside scientists and collect critical environmental data.

Skills-Based Engagement

This program sharpens employees’ professional competencies and leadership skills, while enabling them to leverage their business skills to help solve local environmental issues. Employees lend their expertise in marketing, business, technology, and more to local small-businesses and community groups, while engaging in hands-on scientific field research.

Sustainability Champions Workshop

This workshop increases both the capability and capacity of employees to embed sustainability into their company. This three-day program brings together employees from several companies to strengthen their understanding of environmental challenges, unlock their creativity and leadership skills, and allow them to build a network of like-minded professionals. Learn more!




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