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Since our founding in 1971, Earthwatch has empowered people to build a sustainable future and safeguard some of the most ecologically important areas of our planet. But our work is far from finished, and we know we cannot achieve our mission alone. We believe working together with corporations is essential to tackling the imminent threats to our planet.


We work with a wide variety of companies to help them identify and take actions that minimize their impact on the health and sustainability of our natural world as well as the urban environments in which many of us live and work. Earthwatch collaborates closely with our corporate partners to deliver science-based programs that demonstrate a deep connection between the environment, sustainability, and business practices. For decades, we’ve worked with companies around the world from a diverse array of sectors, including HSBC, Starbucks, EY, and UPS, to foster environmental leadership and build a more sustainable future.

Earthwatch is uniquely positioned to support businesses with their responses to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These targets outline a path to address global challenges for a more sustainable world. These goals are at the core of Earthwatch’s mission, and we are dedicated to supporting these targets through both our research and our partnerships.


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Global Impact

Earthwatch is an international nonprofit with the proven ability to empower people to take action to conserve the environment. We run programs in nearly 30 countries across 6 continents and have offices in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Japan, and India. We have decades of experience delivering major partnerships in diverse ecosystems across the globe.

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Empowering Environmental Leaders

Citizen science is at the core of our approach. We give corporate employees, executives, community members, students, and teachers the opportunity to work alongside leading scientists to gather data and inform critical conservation action. Our programs are designed to empower a variety of people to lead their companies, communities, or classrooms in sustainability.

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Local Solutions

Addressing global issues, like climate change, air quality, and plastic pollution, requires identifying local solutions and action. Our research is done in collaboration with local farmers, foresters, governments, and communities to shape local environmental policies and management plans. Over the last ten years, 96% of Earthwatch’s projects have supported at least one community-engaging activity, training, or employment opportunity.


This may be the most valuable program I have ever been on in my 36 years at HSBC. The key was understanding the linkage between managing our natural resources and our goal of sustainable cost savings. A real win-win!

Tony Buckham — Global Head of Corporate Real Estate, HSBC



In 2001, Earthwatch and Starbucks formed what would become an 11-year partnership to promote sustainable farming practices in one of the world’s premier coffee-growing regions.

In 2001, Earthwatch and Starbucks formed what would become an 11-year partnership to promote sustainable farming practices in one of the world’s premier coffee-growing regions. Earthwatch researchers and Starbucks employees worked with farmers to increase the use of tools and agriculture practices that benefited both the farmers and the natural environment.

Starbucks Case Study



Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility Into your Business

We are committed to helping corporations embrace environmentally responsible business practices and invest in the ecosystems their businesses rely on.


Corporate Sustainability Programs

Earthwatch collaborates with diverse corporate partners to deliver hands-on, science-based education programs around the world that focus on business-relevant research. Our corporate sustainability programs range from one-day facilitated learning sessions to two-week-long expeditions and can engage a small team to thousands of people. Participants work side-by-side with leading scientists to not only gather data on critical environmental issues but also identify ways to bring their hands-on experiences back to their company and community.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your social responsibility targets and ensure the program will support you in achieving your goals.

Support Impactful Programs

Since our founding in 1971, Earthwatch programs have facilitated groundbreaking discoveries, shaped environmental policies, promoted corporate sustainability, and transformed science education around the world. Your company can demonstrate its commitment to sustainability or science education by sponsoring scientific research or supporting one of our education programs.

Support Environmental Research

Our citizen science model enables researchers to collect massive amounts of data that they wouldn’t be able to amass on their own. Our programs support data collection efforts in more than 20 countries worldwide and tackle diverse environmental issues, including climate change, habitat loss, pollution, and the loss of biodiversity. The data collected are then used to inform real-world impacts through community outreach, policy changes, and conservation initiatives.

Contributions from volunteers do not fully cover the cost of running these programs. With your support, we can get more people out in the field to gather crucial data, support new conservation policies, and conserve critical ecosystems. Donate to our Research Fund to support our work on sustainable cities, ocean health, climate change, and biodiversity.


Empower Tomorrow’s STEM Leaders

Investing in the next generation of environmental leaders is essential to ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. Many schools and communities lack the resources needed to meaningfully engage students and teachers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

Earthwatch is committed to filling this gap and supporting these teachers and students by giving them the opportunity to experience science first-hand as a fellow through one of our education programs. Student and teacher fellows conduct fieldwork, work alongside scientists, and contribute to meaningful environmental science. Through these programs, they gain the support, confidence, and experience they need to pursue STEM throughout their careers.

Girls in Science

Girls in Science is helping to close the gender gap in STEM by empowering young women through mentorship, hands-on research, and confidence building.

Learn more about Girls in Science


Ignite is sparking a passion for STEM in teens from underserved communities through an immersive, experiential learning opportunity. 

Learn more about Ignite

Teach Earth

Teach Earth is improving science education by providing an immersive professional development opportunity for K-12 teachers, allowing them to participate in valuable scientific research.

Learn more about Teach Earth

Project Kindle

Project Kindle is helping entire classrooms get into the field by training high school teachers to bring a group of their students on an expedition. 

Learn more about Project Kindle



Contact Information

To discuss corporate partnership opportunities, email Kelly A. Doyle, Director of Strategic Partnerships, at


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