Our Leadership


Scott Kania, Earthwatch CEO
Scott Kania, CEO

Scott joined Earthwatch following a 35-year senior operations career in the financial services industry. Scott has deep expertise in program delivery, automation, global project management, change management, finance and IT systems, remote project management and best practice development. Scott had spent his prior eight years with HSBC in NY and London, where he served as Senior VP. Scott was an Earthwatch participant in the HSBC Sustainability Leadership Program (SLP). Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Conservation and has remained active in conservation as a Trustee of The Rivers Alliance as well as a member of the Conservation Commission in Canton, CT.

Dr. Mark Chandler, PhD Director of Research Initiatives
Mark Chandler, PhD, Director of Research Initiatives

Mark is a prominent conservation biologist with over 25 years of experience conducting field research globally, and is responsible for oversight of research program development for Earthwatch’s Sustainable Cities Initiative. He received his doctorate from McGill University studying the evolution of host–parasite communities in tropical frog communities. Mark’s interests are the development of community science programs that enhance human health and livelihoods as well as the environment.

Stacey Monty, Earthwatch Director of Operations
Stacey Monty, Director of Operations

Stacey took over as Director of Operations in November 2018. She is responsible for the team of advisors, managers, and coordinators that recruit and prepare volunteers, schools, and groups to join our researchers in the field. Prior to taking on this role, as Business Planner, Stacey assessed business opportunities, managed our research project portfolio, developed tools that are critical to program success, and coordinated business process across Earthwatch's international offices. She has joined many of our expeditions in the field and is a senior member of the International Risk Management team. Stacey is passionate about broadening people’s horizons, demystifying science, and supporting researchers working diligently to create more sustainable systems. Stacey started working for Earthwatch in 1999 and has been hooked on our mission ever since.

Alix Morris, MHS, MS, Earthwatch Director of Communications
Alix Morris, MHS, MS, Director of Communications

Alix joined Earthwatch in 2014 and is responsible for overseeing the organization's communications and marketing strategy. Alix and her team work across a variety of platforms to translate complex scientific research for general audiences through the power of storytelling. Alix has more than a decade of experience in science communications and global field research, including four years leading malaria research teams in East Africa. She has an MHS in International Health from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and an MS in Science Writing from MIT, where she focused her thesis on the effects of shark finning on marine ecosystems.

Heather Pruiksma Earthwatch Director of Program Delivery
Heather Pruiksma, Director of Program Delivery

Heather has been at Earthwatch since 2001, having started as an Expedition Coordinator and then quickly settling into the Program Manager role after a matter of months. Now she manages the team of Program Managers and Coordinators who work directly with the Earthwatch scientists to develop project budgets, logistics, risk assessments and emergency response plans, as well as stewarding grant relationships and ensuring the effective delivery of their funded programs - all while acting as PM for several projects and grants herself. Heather is a senior member of the International Incident Management Team, drawing from her past experience as a wildland firefighter and two decades of Wilderness First Aid certification.

Dr. Stan Rullman, PhD, Earthwatch Research Director
Stan Rullman, PhD, Research Director

Stan Rullman has held the role of Research Director for Earthwatch since 2013, though has been a vigorous “banner waver” for the organization’s unique global model of citizen science for much longer. He has over 30 years of professional experience in conducting, supporting and managing wildlife research projects- international and domestic. Stan studied raptor and songbird ecology along Seattle’s urban-to-wildland gradient for his PhD research at the University of Washington, as well as patterns of second home development in the Northwest. He enjoys working at the nexus between critical field research and transformative learning experiences, helping volunteers shift from seeing themselves as a passive observer of the natural world to an active participant in its preservation and stewardship, through participation in the engaging field research projects that Earthwatch supports.

Larry Staub, Earthwatch Controller
Larry Staub, Controller

Larry Staub joined Earthwatch as its Controller in 2012 and is responsible for the financial management of the organization. This includes budgeting, financial reporting, forecasting, cash management, and overseeing the audit process. Prior to working at Earthwatch, Larry has over 25 years of experience in financial management and financial analysis roles, primarily within the biomedical industry.

Gitte Venicx, Earthwatch Director of Strategic Partnerships
Gitte Venicx, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Gitte works with corporations and other partners to build programs that empower individuals and organizations to take action to help solve environmental problems through scientific field research. She builds professional development programs that build corporate employees into sustainability leaders, STEM programs for high school students and K-12 teachers, and research programs that tackle big picture environmental issues from climate change to marine plastics, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, and sustainable cities. She has worked at Earthwatch since 2008. Over the years, she has gained an in-depth understanding and passion for Earthwatch’s programs and impact. Prior to Earthwatch, she worked on climate change policy at the regional and national scale at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Heather Wilcox, MPS, Earthwatch Director of Annual Giving & Planned Giving
Heather Wilcox, MPS, Director of Annual Giving & Planned Giving

Heather brings 20 years of fundraising and development experience to the Director of Annual Giving & Planned Giving position, which she first held from 2007-2009 and resumed in 2013. She leads Earthwatch’s membership, Rosborough Society, Legacy Society, and donor stewardship programs, while providing high-level support for major gifts, events, data management and analysis, and communications. She holds a Strategic Public Relations Master’s Degree from George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management and a certificate in Planned Giving from Indiana University's Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.

Earthwatch Leadership
Earthwatch Leadership
Our Leadership


Board of Directors

Our boards of directors are responsible for the leadership and governance of Earthwatch, and for overseeing its strategy and direction. Combining diverse backgrounds, they are ambassadors for the organization, furthering the Earthwatch mission by setting strategic priorities for its work.


Chair: Kevin J. Anton
Vice Chair: Ruth Scheer
Eileen Arbues
Erin Billman
Kevin Bryan
Mark Carthy
G. Keith Funston, Jr., Treasurer
Leisha John
Donald R. Kendall, Jr.
David Lang
Dr. William R. Moomaw
Dr. Daniel I. Rubenstein
Judith Santano
Vittorio Severino




These academic and business leaders help guide and focus our work, and are an integral part of our success. We value their involvement and support both personally and financially. Their ongoing unrestricted support gives us the opportunity to achieve our mission by giving us the flexibility to allocate and send our funds to where they are most urgently needed and where they will make the most impact.


Chair: Amy Borun
Diana Barrett
Mark Cappellano
George Eberstadt
Alexandra (Alix) Goelet
Gary Goldring
Gaye Hill
Jeffrey Jakubiak
Whitney L. Johnson
Merrill Magowan
Bill Martens
Lawrence Mason
Dr. Wallace J. Nichols
Thomas H. Nicholson
Catherine Nierras
Dr. Arthur D. Riggs
Christine Bata Schmidt
Leslie Smith
Betsy Snow
Victoria Stack
Amy Ziff



International Executives

Scott Kania, CEO, U.S.

Steve Andrews, CEO, Europe

Cassandra Nichols, CEO, Australia

Tomoko Nunoi, CEO, Japan

Raghuvansh Saxena, CEO, India



Earthwatch depends on donations—above and beyond what we raise from volunteers who participate on our expeditions—in order to deliver our global conservation mission. In fact, volunteer contributions provide only half of the total resources Earthwatch needs to sustain over 40 field research expeditions, a wide variety of educational programs, corporate sustainability trainings, and more each year.