We Stand with You 

Climate justice cannot be achieved without racial justice.  

All over the country, people are protesting the systematic violence inflicted on Black communities. Earthwatch stands in solidarity with those demanding justice against racism and systemic oppression. We believe climate justice cannot be achieved without racial justice. The injustices occurring in communities of color and the earth are intertwined—seeking a sustainable world must include Black lives. 

The adverse impacts of climate change have a disproportionate effect on People of Color, and yet environmental science has a history of being exclusive. At Earthwatch, we still have a lot of work to do. But we are committed to tearing down the barriers that prevent all voices from being heard and present in the field of environmental science, especially those of Black and Indigenous people, and People of Color. Addressing these barriers is a part of our core values.  

Dismantling racism and systemic oppression will not happen overnight, and cannot be accomplished by any one individual or organization. Rather, it is our collective responsibility to address racism and inequality on this planet.  

We encourage our Earthwatch family around the world to stand in solidarity with Black communities now and always, and to take the urgent actions that are needed to support these communities as well as the organizations that are addressing these massive challenges head on.  

—Your Earthwatch Team