Finding New Meaning At Work Through Corporate Responsibility

By Jessica Costa Coelho, EY-Earthwatch Ambassador

To celebrate 10 years of EY-Earthwatch expeditions, EY has collected 10 inspiring stories from participants, who discuss how the program improves local communities while strengthening their careers. Jessica Costa Coelho shares her experience as an EY-Earthwatch Ambassador on the expedition Conserving Wetlands and Traditional Agriculture in Mexico.

Being a part of the EY-Earthwatch Ambassador program was a milestone in my career, not just because it was my first international assignment but because it gave new meaning to the work we do in the EY organization.

When I originally signed up for the corporate responsibility program, it was largely because I wanted to fulfill the EY purpose of “building a better working world.” I wanted to see how I could tangibly align the services we provide with improving our world and our communities. Little did I realize at the time how much it would reshape the outlook I had for my own career.

My expedition took place in 2017 in Xochimilco, Mexico, where I was assigned to help a set of local entrepreneurs in the agriculture business who were struggling with finances, marketing and navigating growth markets. In one week, with 10 EY people from seven different countries, we came together as a team to consult with the clients, brainstorm new approaches and develop a comprehensive set of solutions, which all culminated in a dual-language presentation.