Episode 10 with Dr. Bernat Claramunt Lopez, Jana Marco and Jamie Bookwalter

In the high slopes of the Andorran Pyrenees, as in other mountain regions around the world, climate change has already begun to alter the landscape. Some species have begun to decline, and some are moving up to higher elevations (but if you think about it, there is a limit to how far “up” species can go in the mountains!). In addition, the ways humans use the land also causes shifts in species distribution and abundance, but little research has been done on how people have impacted this particular place. Questions of how climate change and human encroachment continue to alter this alpine world need answers as local organizations work towards sustainable solutions. Watch Dr. Bernat Claramunt Lopez, who leads the Wildlife in the Changing Andorran Pyrenees project, in this webinar “window” on the wild Pyrenees Mountains in Andorra.



Dr. Bernat Claramunt-Lopez

Bernat Claramunt Lopez, Ph.D.
Researcher and Ecology Lecturer, CREAF (Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications)

Dr. Bernat Claramunt-Lopez’s initial research was focused in plant ecology, but his interest in animal ecology started during his post-doc in a project on the grazing effects of herbivores in semi-arid ecosystems of South America. He then focused on the alpine species of the Pyrenees. In 2008 he started building a database to study the interactions among vertebrates in alpine ecosystems, totaling more than 400 species and 2,500 interactions. Dr. López is part of the Scientific Committee of the Observatoire Pyreneen pour le Changement du Climat, and collaborates with the Catalan Office for Climate Change as an expert in alpine biodiversity.

Jana Marco

Jana Marco
Biologist and an Expert Birdwatcher

Jana Marco has combined her degree study years with an active professional life collaborating in several projects and campaigns such as Greek tortoise volunteering, Alpine marmot studies, and has focused on bird census for research projects. She is currently developing her own project supported by the ecology department of the University of Alicante on the wild population of European hedgehog, focusing on behavior, home range and ecology. She is also working with the University of Miguel Hernandez studying the trends, ecology, and interactions of the raptors community on the southern wetlands of the Iberian Peninsula.

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Wildlife in the Changing Andorran Pyrenees

Help discover and protect this delicate Alpine environment from climate change, and from ourselves.

Europe: Valley of Ordino, Andorra
Lead Scientist: Bernat Claramunt Lopez, Ph.D.
Duration: 7+ days (avg. $318 a day)




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