Dr. Lenin Oviedo Correa is a Venezuelan researcher captivated by the diversity of marine animals in Latin America.

Lenin E. Oviedo Correa, Ph.D.

Research Associate & Associate Head of the Tropical Marine Mammals Ecology Lab
Centro de Investigación de Cetáceos Costa Rica (CEIC)

Dr. Lenin Oviedo Correa is a Venezuelan researcher captivated by the diversity of marine animals in Latin America. This is an area wealthy in natural resources, but surrounded by complex social and economic issues that make conservation science very challenging. I completed my undergraduate degree in Margarita Island, a beautiful Caribbean Island off of my home country. I then completed graduate school in Costa Rica, where I fell in love with the wonderful tropical fjord, Golfo Dulce. I completed my Ph.D. on the shore of the Gulf of California in the welcoming city of La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico. I have been blessed to grow as a researcher and scientist in very inspiring locations full of marine life.

Why study dolphins and whales?

I consider myself primarily an ethologist. The behavioral ecology of my target species, whales and dolphins, has always fascinated me. Understanding the way dolphins and whales navigate their complex marine habitats to survive and prevail, for me, is inspiring and above all key in trying to improve management and conservation. I believe that knowing and understanding leads to caring and commitment to adopt a more sustainable culture, which is why I support education as a powerful means to transform our relationship with the environment.

A great moment in the field:

For me, being in the field is a major privilege. When I started working with cetaceans, I was fond of the times when they stared back at me so intensely, especially with juvenile dolphins. Now, one of my favorite moments in the field is when you are striving to stay alongside a group of dolphins and minimize disturbance, and they do not mind you at all and basically ignore your presence. Seeing them so relaxed, free, and wild is very satisfying to me, as it gives me a sense of peace. It becomes even more special when you recognize some of the dolphins; it is like seeing old friends being well.

  • Ph.D. in Marine Science, CICIMAR-Instituto Politécnico Nacional
  • M.S. in Marine and Coastal Science, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica
  • B.S. in Oceanography, La Salle Natural Science Foundation
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