Lee Dyer, Ph.D.

Lee Dyer, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology
University of Nevada, Reno

For over two decades, Lee Dyer (él, he, him, his) has scoured the world’s forests for some of their most diverse inhabitants.

Why caterpillars, parasitoids, and plants?

"Over half of the described species of organisms in the world are directly involved in plant–herbivore–parasitoid interactions, yet very little is known about the actual diversity of parasitoids in tropical ecosystems," Lee wrote.

A great moment in the field:

"As I was turning leaves today, looking for morpho and arctiid caterpillars, I was reminded of all the forests I have ever visited,” Dr. Dyer wrote in a field journal entry he shared with Earthwatch. “I realized that, both as a scientist and a naturalist, learning basic natural history in the forest is a hands-on, at times gut-wrenching process.”

  • Ph.D. in Ecology, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO (U.S.)
  • B.S. in Biochemistry and English, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA (U.S.)
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