Earthwatch Scientist, Dr. Dawn Scott

Dawn Scott, Ph.D.

Principal Lecturer in Ecology
University of Brighton

Dr. Dawn Scott specializes in mammalian predator and prey ecology. She has more than ten years of research experience and expertise in mammal ecology, biodiversity, and behavior. Dawn is currently leading two Earthwatch expeditions in South Africa—one that focuses on rhinos and the other on scavenger species, such as hyenas and jackals.

What inspired you to study rhinos in South Africa?

I'm interested in human-wildlife conflict and how humans and wildlife can coexist. The rhinos are a very good example of that—of how a species is being exploited and how we don't really value this species within its environment and instead how we value it as a commodity. So what really made this project start to come together is the urgency.

  • Ph.D. in biological sciences, University of Durham (U.K.)
  • B.Sc. in biological sciences, University of Durham (U.K.)
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