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The Paul and Edith Babson Foundation

The Paul and Edith Babson Foundation supports entrepreneurship and economic development, youth development opportunities, and improvements to the urban environment to enhance the quality of life throughout Greater Boston.

Since 2019 The Paul and Edith Babson Foundation has sponsored Earthwatch’s Raingarden Action in Neighborhoods (RAIN) program in Boston. The program builds community capacity and brings the benefits of nature-based stormwater infrastructure (green infrastructure) to the neighborhoods of Boston. Through one-day training events, community members learn what a rain garden is, how to maintain one that is already built, and how to collect data on its soil quality and effectiveness at filtering water. This program prepares Boston residents for the effects of climate change by giving them a way they can monitor and combat its effects within their own neighborhoods.


“People leave the training with a greater sense of the many opportunities that exist for people to make a difference and bring nature back into our city,”

Mark Chandler Director of Research Initiatives at Earthwatch



Earthwatch depends on donations—above and beyond what we raise from volunteers who participate on our expeditions—in order to deliver our global conservation mission. In fact, volunteer contributions provide only half of the total resources Earthwatch needs to sustain over 40 field research expeditions, a wide variety of educational programs, corporate sustainability trainings, and more each year.