Malibu Rum

Earthwatch has partnered with Malibu Rum since 2017 to raise awareness and funds to preserve the green sea turtle in the Bahamas. Earthwatch and Malibu Rum share a passion for the ocean and conserving the animals that call it home. Social media influencers have joined the Earthwatch expedition Tracking Sea Turtles in the Bahamas. There they help scientist Annabelle Brooks capture and tag green sea turtles, to better understand and protect the habitat they need to survive. The influencers, including travel photographers, models, a pro-surfer, and a Latin pop star, are raising awareness by sharing their expedition experience with their 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Malibu’s support is enabling the research to expand to new locations, which means more turtles, more habitats, more data, and more progress to fully understanding and saving this threatened species.


This experience has taught me the important role that sea turtles play in the local ecosystem and how important it is to take the necessary actions to help sustain their population for generations to come.

Tiffany Nguyen  — Program Participant, 2019

Bahamas (credit Anabelle Brooks)
Sea turtle (credit Anabelle Brooks)
Bahamas (credit Anabelle Brooks)


Earthwatch depends on donations—above and beyond what we raise from volunteers who participate on our expeditions—in order to deliver our global conservation mission. In fact, volunteer contributions provide only half of the total resources Earthwatch needs to sustain over 40 field research expeditions, a wide variety of educational programs, corporate sustainability trainings, and more each year.