HSBC is a British multinational investment bank and financial services holding company.

Earthwatch has partnered with HSBC since 2002, providing expertise in sustainability leadership and learning, employee engagement, and scientific research. By engaging HSBC employees and senior leaders in research and immersive learning experiences, the collaboration works to better understand the impacts of urbanization and climate change, while embedding sustainability into day-to-day business practices. This long-standing partnership includes a combination of both Earthwatch’s Sustainability Training Teams and Sustainability Leadership Program models. Earthwatch is working with HSBC at the functional and regional levels, as well as at the global level. To date over 16,000 HSBC employees have participated in Earthwatch programs.


HSBC’s relationship with Earthwatch spans over a decade.  Through our partnership, many thousands of HSBC employees have been involved first-hand in tackling climate change and environmental issues.  They have contributed to making HSBC a more sustainable business and have gathered invaluable data to improve scientists’ understanding of the global environment.  This activity makes a real difference and is at the heart of HSBC values.

Simon Martin  — Head of Group Corporate Sustainability, HSBC

HSBC fellows in the field
HSBC fellows in the field
HSBC fellows in the field


Earthwatch depends on donations—above and beyond what we raise from volunteers who participate on our expeditions—in order to deliver our global conservation mission. In fact, volunteer contributions provide only half of the total resources Earthwatch needs to sustain over 40 field research expeditions, a wide variety of educational programs, corporate sustainability trainings, and more each year.