Earthwatch Partner: Air Quality Solutions


Air Quality Solutions

Air Quality Solutions is an environmental consultancy based in the UK, working to support planners, policy makers and local authorities to ensure developments are compliant with air quality legislation. Air Quality Solutions aim is simple, to improve the air we breathe.


Air Quality Solutions believes that everyone has the right to clean air and they strive to make it a reality. Poor air quality can have health implications and damage the environment. In addition to the work Air Quality Solutions undertake to achieve compliancy with air quality legislation, they have partnered with Earthwatch to further fund scientific research to help solve the problems associated with air pollution.




It was very important to me that I created Air Quality Solutions as an environmentally conscious business that is more than a solely profit driven corporation from day one. We are extremely excited to partner with Earthwatch and to contribute to their incredible work to support scientific research around the world. We are particularly interested in supporting their work in air quality and their Operation Healthy Air program.

Brendan McCormack, Founder and CEO, Air Quality Solutions



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