Earthwatch Student Groups: Parent Expedition Process


Your teen’s teacher will invite you and your child to informational meetings. There, you can learn about the specific expedition the teacher is planning, including details about where they’ll be staying, what they’ll be doing, and how they’ll be traveling.

While you wait for informational meetings to get under way, you can learn about Earthwatch Student Expeditions by reading:

  • Student Group Expeditions - we have about 20 to choose from
  • Testimonials - read recommendations directly from teachers and students
  • Student and Teacher Benefits - see how Student Group Expeditions make a difference


  • Attend informational meetings with your child and ask questions. If any of your questions are unanswered, Contact Us for assistance
  • Learn more about the expedition your child signed up for. Many Earthwatch programs have been ongoing for years, so you can read detailed Field Reports or Expedition Briefings on each project’s Expedition Page
  • About 90 days before your child’s Earthwatch Student Expedition begins, you’ll receive an updated, full-color Expedition Briefing booklet with specific details on accommodations, food, what to bring, daily schedules, local weather conditions, how to stay in touch with the family back home, and more. The briefing will also be posted online on the student’s My Earthwatch portal, where students can login to get updated information on their expeditions
  • Complete your child’s health information forms, which can be found in his or her My Earthwatch portal


  • Work with your child’s teacher and Earthwatch to complete all pretravel and travel details
  • Help your child pack, and look forward to the stories and pictures your child will share with you after getting back from this unique adventure!

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