Earthwatch Organization History | Organization Timeline

2010's: Earthwatch Ignite, our innovative LA Student Fellowship Program.

2010's: Earthwatch Teen Expedition Climate Change at the Arctic's Edge.

2010's: Oman at the mouth of the Persian Gulf.

2000's: Earthwatch begins the largest-ever employee engagement program focused on sustainability.

2000's: Earthwatch Australia’s work is recognized with the Prime Minister’s Award for Australian Environmentalist of the Year.

2000's: Earthwatch wins British Archaeological Award.

1990's: Earthwatch Europe launches a major initiative to assign young African leaders to its expeditions.

1990's: Earthwatch volunteers have contributed around 4,403,700 hours of service to field scientists since 1971.

1980's: Earthwatch Student Challenge Awards Program is launched.

1980's: Earthwatch teams have given 813,300 hours of volunteer service to science.

1970's: Earthwatch engages educators today through it's fellowship programs.

1970's: First expedition takes place in Ethiopia’s Amaro Mountains.

1970's: The name Earthwatch is used for the first time for the organization.