Mark Chandler headshot

Mark Chandler, Ph.D.

Director of Research Initiatives
Earthwatch Institute

Mark is a prominent conservation biologist with over 25 years of experience conducting field research globally and is responsible for oversight of research program development for Earthwatch’s Sustainable Cities and Communities Initiative. He received his doctorate from McGill University studying the evolution of host-parasite communities in tropical frog communities. Mark’s interests are the development of community science programs that enhance human health and livelihoods as well as the environment.

What do you enjoy most/what do you find most interesting about your research topic?

I enjoy meeting and working with people who are passionate about the well-being of both their environment and the people they live with and learning and drawing inspiration from the many individuals who are making a real difference in their local communities.    

How does citizen science support your research?

It would be almost impossible to address important questions and find workable impactful solutions to global problems without the full engagement of the communities that live there. Any successful projects, therefore, have input from local community members in what the project addresses, how it gets addressed, and what we use the information for - in fact, for these projects, we call it community science rather than citizen science. 

  • Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, McGill University
  • B.S.c. in Wildlife Biology, University of Guelph
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