Steve Smith

Steve Smith, Ph.D.

Marine Ecologist
Southern Cross University

Dr. Steve Smith is the Director of Southern Cross University’s National Marine Science Centre, Coffs Harbour, Australia. His main research focus is on the measurement, monitoring and management of marine biodiversity, which includes assessment of human impacts. Over the past decade, in response to its increasing prevalence, Steve has devoted much of his research effort to documenting the impacts of marine debris, delivering most of his programs through close collaboration with citizen scientists. Steve uses the information generated by his research to inform management decisions, providing an advisory role from local to national levels of government.

Why marine plastic pollution?

I am committed to the sustainable management of marine biodiversity through the provision of objective scientific data, both on biodiversity and threatening processes. My research focuses on scientific measurement and monitoring of impacts: through community engagement I hope that this will inform and empower communities to make sustainable choices and drive political priorities.

Why work with Earthwatch?

By helping to collect data, citizen scientist participants gain a much better and first-hand understanding of issues, rather than just reading about them in the newspaper. I have found Earthwatch participants to be extremely engaged, worldly and conscientious people who are a lot of fun to have along while conducting field work.

  • PhD, University of New England, Maine (U.S.)
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