Josh Hoines

Josh Hoines

Vegetation Branch Chief
Joshua Tree National Park

Josh Hoines is an expert in the wildlife of Joshua Tree National Park, and has worked in the deserts of the western U.S. for two decades.

What interests you about deserts?

I have a deep rooted desire to understand how the natural world and its pieces (species) interact. Joshua Tree National Park is perfectly oriented across to distinct ecological systems which include vast topographic relief. For these reasons, we are in an ideal location for analyzing the effects of climate change.

Great moments in the field:

I do not recall ever having a bad day in the field. I have the great privilege of working for the National Park Service and have spent many days and nights in some remarkable locations. One of my greatest memories is from a trip to Greenland, where we hiked to the inland ice cap. Standing on the moraine I remember feeling awe, knowing that the glacier melting in front of me was thousands of years old and that only a handful of people would ever have that experience.

  • Graduate Certificate in Restoration Ecology, University of Idaho (U.S.)
  • B.S. in Biology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (U.S.)
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