Daniel Donato, Ph.D.

Daniel Donato, Ph.D.

Natural Resource Scientist
Washington Department of Natural Resources
Affiliate Assistant Professor, University of Washington

Dr. Daniel Donato is a Natural Resource Scientist for the Washington Department of Natural resources. He has led large-scale research and monitoring studies pertaining to forest wildlife habitat across Washington, and has 15 years of experience training and supervising field crews.

What do you enjoy most/what do you find most interesting about your research topic?

I am fascinated by what I call “mayhem in the forest” – disturbances like wildfire, windstorms, insect outbreaks, and volcanoes – and how forests develop over time in the presence of these events. I am especially interested in the different pathways forest stands take toward old-growth conditions.

How does citizen science support your research?

It’s essential to our project, in that it makes it possible to collect such a large dataset of acoustic recordings for this large landscape experiment.

What is one of your favorite moments in the field?

There are too many to pick from, but having a one-on-one close encounter with a mountain lion on the remote slopes of Mount Adams was pretty high on the list... once my heart started up again.

  • Ph.D. in Forest Science, Oregon State University (U.S.)
  • B.S. in Forest Ecosystems, University of Washington (U.S.)
  • B.S. in Oceanography, University of Washington (U.S.)
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Dr. Daniel Donato
Dr. Daniel Donato

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