It’s time to stand together
It’s time to stand together

It’s time to stand together

Climate change isn’t a vague concept. The fundamental changes that take place affect biodiversity, ocean health, terrestrial ecosystems, agriculture, human health and wellbeing, water, and its distribution—environmental challenges that lie at the core of Earthwatch’s mission.

For 45 years, you have helped us to fight the good fight. Earthwatch’s model—pairing citizens with scientists to bring about environmental change—has endured. That’s because of you and your tireless dedication to conserving our planet. Together, we’ve accomplished more than we thought possible—from protecting national parks and nature reserves to saving species from extinction to unearthing the mysteries of the past to better inform our future.

But history will remember us for what we do in this moment. Earthwatch is here, as we have been for 45 years, as your outlet for change, as your opportunity to make a difference—and we will never, ever give up.

It’s time to stand together to protect our shared planet.




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