Earthwatch Expedition Funds

About Expedition Funds

Start an Earthwatch Expedition Fund for yourself or someone you care about to fundraise for scientific research and travel opportunities around the globe.

Are you interested in going on an Earthwatch Expedition, but need to save up first? Do you want to help a loved one dig up some funds to plan a future volunteer experience? Set up an Earthwatch Expedition Fund to raise contributions for yourself or someone else.

To set up an online fund, start with an initial contribution of just $25. Then, friends and family members can begin making donations toward this life-changing gift from a personal webpage created just for you.

Earthwatch Expedition Fund - Digging for Support

Plus, Earthwatch Expedition Fund donations are U.S. tax deductible, so generous gifts make sense to the gift-giver, as well as the recipient.

Thank you for your interest in our mission and for getting involved. We look forward to helping you get into the field!

Expedition Fund Terms and Conditions for Fundraisers and Donors

All donations made into an Expedition Fund are non-refundable. From the time a donation is made, fundraisers have three years after December 31st of the current year to apply those funds to an Earthwatch Expedition. After that, the funds become a general donation toward Earthwatch.

Starting an Expedition Fund for a specific expedition does not guarantee that you will have a space on that team. In order to guarantee your space on an expedition you need to sign up for the specific team you want with a deposit. Please be aware that due to the unpredictable nature of field research expeditions may be cancelled or retired without prior notice and this will not constitute a refund of donations in the Expedition Fund.

Expedition Fund donations can only be used for Earthwatch Expeditions, and not for transportation costs or other Earthwatch products, services, or events.

Earthwatch Expedition Fund totals online reflect only donations made online. It does not include donations made by mail or phone, or refunds or credits to expeditions that may have been added to Expedition Funds by Earthwatch.

PLEASE NOTE: We ask volunteers to start new expedition funds rather than add to a former one so that your latest addition will have it's own (later) expiration date.

If you have any questions about Earthwatch Expedition Funds, don't delay in contacting us!

Earthwatch Expedition Fund - Help Fundraise, Fast


PLEASE NOTE: We ask volunteers to start new expedition funds rather than add to a former one so that your latest addition will have it's own (later) expiration date.

Earthwatch Expeditio Funds


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