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Mentorship opportunity for exceptional alumni – Senior Fellowship

We are looking for 4 or 5 highly accomplished alumni to each mentor and support a team of teachers in the field. Senior fellows will participate fully in the expedition, share the story of his or her community action project, and lead workshops throughout the expedition. The workshops are designed to guide the team of teachers in applying their expedition experience to their classroom and school. Earthwatch has created workshops collaboratively with teachers, and Senior Fellows will receive training on leading the workshops. Each teacher team includes one Senior Fellow who, since his or her previous expedition, has been a role model and leader in sustainable action and education in his or her school and community. Alumni interested in applying for a Senior Fellowship submit the same Fellowship application, but elect to answer the optional Senior Fellowship essay question.

Bring your students into the field on a Group Expedition

Why just tell your students about your Earthwatch expedition? Let them experience it for themselves! Work with Earthwatch’s Group Expedition team to design an expedition that fits your and your students’ interests, curriculum, and schedule. Teachers join for free when they bring 6 or more students into the field! Students must be age 15-18. Learn more about Group Expeditions here.

Start an Expedition Fund

Open an Expedition Fund to start planning for your next Earthwatch adventure! Do you want to go on another expedition, but need to save up first? By setting up an online Expedition Fund you can put aside money monthly, or whenever you have a little extra cash, for your future expedition. Friends and family can also contribute to your fund; a great idea for birthday or holiday gifts! Plus, Expedition Fund donations are U.S. tax deductible.

Keep in touch with Earthwatch

We love hearing from our past Teach Earth Fellows! How is your community action project or lesson plan going? Have you been featured in any stories or articles? Keep in touch and keep us updated by sharing your post-fielding news and experiences with us at fellowshipawards@earthwatch.org.

Read up on other fellows’ community action projects and lesson plans

Curious what other Teach Earth alumni are doing in their schools and communities? Read about the Lesson and Community Action Plans that other fellows have begun implementing since fielding on their Expeditions on our Community Share. If you’ve participated on the Teach Earth Program, you can ask to gain access to this great resource by contacting us at fellowshipawards@earthwatch.org.

Teach Earth Information.

Teach Earth - Learn more about environmental issues.

Learn more about environmental issues.

“To be partnered with scientists who live, breathe, and love science is inspiring, reminds me why I love science, and significantly builds my content knowledge.”
Andi Webb, 2017 Fellow

Teach Earth - Engage with fellow Teachers.

Form close ties with fellow Teachers.

“The experience necessitated that I take a learner’s stance in a variety of ways, and it served as a good reminder of the process my students go through when they work in groups on guided inquiry tasks.”
Adam Quaal, 2017 Fellow


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