Earthwatch Ambassador Program

Earthwatch's Ambassador program

Join the Ambassador Program and help us to achieve our mission to save the natural world!


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Become an advocate for the incredible research that we're supporting across the globe by helping to spread the word about Earthwatch

What is the Ambassador program?

Earthwatch's Ambassador Program is a growing community of our most engaged supporters. By joining the Ambassador Program, you'll receive access to a number of exclusive benefits reserved solely for our Ambassadors

How do I sign up?

It's simple!

  • Log in to your MyEarthwatch portal (or sign up for a MyEarthwatch account if you don't have one already)
  • Navigate to the Ambassador Program section on the left-hand panel
  • Enter the required information and click the sign up button

What is the Ambassador program?

  • Access to exclusive discounts on specific expeditions.
  • Bi-monthly updates on Earthwatch, conservation news, and tips on sustainable living
  • Early access to our brand-new expeditions
  • Participation in Ambassador contests where you can earn free Earthwatch merchandise

Featured Ambassador: Ed Talbot


Congratulations to Earthwatch Ambassador, Ed Talbot! Ed has been on nine Earthwatch Expeditions over the years and has chosen to leverage his experience in the field to inspire the next generation to take action. In addition to preparing and presenting on Earthwatch’s mission for a variety of audiences, Ed has made a point to promote Earthwatch and our mission in local news outlets. Thank you, Ed, for helping spread the Earthwatch mission and for continuing to share your experiences with your local community!

Want to be highlighted as our next Featured Ambassador? Make sure you submit your Ambassador activities to for your chance to see your photo here and win free Earthwatch gear!

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