How Earthwatch Donations Are Used | Donor Contribution Usage


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    Our research and conservation programs depend on supporters like you. Your gifts help create a better future for our planet and its people.

    Your contributions will:

    Support top scientists and dedicated volunteers around the world, who are collecting data to better understand the challenges facing our environment.

    Funding for scientific research is limited, especially for the kind of long-term monitoring and research, needed to fully understand complex issues such as climate change.


    Produce powerful research outcomes and publications that influence global agendas.

    Whether it’s contributing to our knowledge of an endangered species, establishing a conservation strategy, creating a protected area, or guiding local policies, the research your gifts support leads to real impacts globally.


    Provide hands-on learning opportunities for educators and the next generation of environmental leaders.

    We believe in the power of the ripple effect. We know that by working with educators, we can inspire hundreds more of their students. And by exposing students to hands-on science and discovery in real field research settings, students gain confidence and often become inspired to consider careers in conservation.


    Of allocations to Earthwatch Expeditions, each dollar supports scientific research that contributes toward our mission.



    50% is spent by scientists on research activities, including associated administrative costs.


    17% is spent by Earthwatch on risk assessments, health and safety policies, emergency management procedures, and associated training.


    17% is spent by Earthwatch to thoroughly prepare you before departure.


    10% is spent by Earthwatch to promote expeditions and service your participation.


    6% is spent on insurance coverage and offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions of your travel.

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