Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

For two decades, Earthwatchers studied the restoration of waterways in the Jizera Mountains of Czechoslovakia.

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The facts

Why the research is important

Why the research is important

These researchers assessed how the ecosystem in the Jizera Mountains has degraded due to acid rain.

Earthwatchers investigated how management strategies could help restore waterways damaged by acid rain.

By gaining an understanding of exactly how acid rain impacted the ecosystem in these mountains, the researchers could contribute to management plans to help restore the waterways and sustain them for the future.

The research focused on a number of objectives: evaluating the effects of reforestation on water resource quantity and quality; analyzing trends in atmospheric pollution; analyzing climate stresses such as extreme air temperatures, rainstorms, and windstorms; looking at the effects of climate change on the processes of episodic acidification (for example, with rapid snowmelt or intensive summer rainstorms) and the plants and animals of reservoirs; and studying the side-effects of reservoir management plans currently in place.

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This project benefitted the local community by improving their environment and water quality and fostering larger fish populations in some streams. Research results were communicated to both local and regional government agencies to help foster freshwater resources throughout the area.

About the research area

Jizera Mountains, Czech Republic, Europe & Russia

Daily life in the field


This is a summary:

The Scientists


Associate Professor, Department of Hydrology, Czech Technical University

ABOUT Josef Krecek

Dr. Krecek studies the recovery of Czechoslovakia’s lakes and streams.


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