Earthwatch Expedition Fund for Holly Twining

Earthwatch Expedition Fund for

Holly Twining
Costa Rican Sea Turtles Expedition Fund 2020

Help Holly cover volunteering costs as she heads back to Costa Rica to assist Earthwatch researchers and scientists with tracking and monitoring endangered sea turtles. The work is rigorous and often extends late at night into early morning hours. Focusing on leatherbacks, Playa Grande is the last nesting grounds that the pacific leatherback turtles are drawn back to which can give you an idea of how critical the project, the site and the research is.

Not only do volunteers track and monitor adult sea turtles, they also care for baby sea turtles whose nests have been comprised. Often they are released to the sea in the evening with extra caution and care. During the day, the team counts sea turtle nests on the beach, take nest temperatures, and look for signs of erosion that could put nests in danger. There's always important work to be done!

Thank you for any contribution towards the very worthy cause of helping endangered sea turtles.

Donation History

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Anonymous December 23, 2019 $465.00 grateful for donations from FB fundraiser and solstice party fundraiser :)
Anonymous December 10, 2019 $200.00  
Anonymous August 27, 2019 $500.00 Thank you for supporting our environment!
Anonymous August 17, 2019 $100.00 Go Holly! And go turtles!!!
Anonymous August 16, 2019 $100.00  
Holly Twining July 17, 2019 $50.00 I made an initial contribution to my Expedition Fund to help assist researchers and scientists with endangered sea turtles in Costa Rica. Please join me!
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