Earthwatch Expedition Fund for Susan Hunnicutt

Earthwatch Expedition Fund for

Susan Hunnicutt
Susie H

SAVE THE PLANET! Thank you for supporting my efforts to volunteer for Costa Rican Sea Turtles. All donations are tax-deductible contributions.

My fascination with sea turtles began over 30 years ago when I swam with this dinosaur descendent in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. I've volunteered alongside researchers studying nesting habits of green sea turtles, conducted night patrols to deter poachers and helped baby hatchlings return safely to their ocean home. I've also been part of a turtle rodeo, a research method used to track turtle habitat.

My upcoming Earthwatch expedition is to help scientists find out why the leatherback sea turtle has declined so rapidly (90% since 1980) and what we can do to stop this decline. We'll attach transmitters on nesting females that will track their local and long-distance movement. We'll also relocate eggs from nests in dangerous spots to a nearby hatchery). Every turtle is precious.

I document these experiences writing stories for kids and essays for everyone. My hope is in sharing my passion for our natural world, the next generation will be inspired to adventure outside the city limits and become caretakers of the earth.

Donation History

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Susan Hunnicutt June 13, 2018 $300.00 Recently returned from my turtle expedition-awesome! Saw first hand that supporting research being conducted for turtle habitat and ocean health is crucial in saving our natural world. I plan to partake in another Earthwatch program next year.
Nancy Helland May 15, 2018 $40.00 Have a great adventure helping the turtles!
Kirstin Brandtjen May 15, 2018 $100.00 Susie, What a great cause! Thank you, so much, for protecting turtles! I hope you have a wonderful trip! Ki
Anonymous May 11, 2018 $25.00 how fun, Susie! great to see you doing this - so perfect
Pati Holman May 10, 2018 $36.00 Get Project!
Julia May 09, 2018 $25.00 Have a great trip!
Jennifer Rupp May 09, 2018 $25.00 So excited for you!
Martha Wilke April 22, 2018 $100.00  
Susan Hunnicutt March 02, 2018 $25.00 I made an initial contribution to my Expedition Fund. Please join me!
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