Earthwatch 2014 Summit Event

A Rallying Call for Citizen Science: The Earthwatch Summit


    Earthwatch recently convened hundreds of scientists from around the world, volunteers, staff, and members of the public to engage in a rallying call for citizen science and conservation research.

    In November 2014, Earthwatch convened a Summit—an event that brought together hundreds of scientists, volunteers, staff, and members of the public to discuss the impact of citizen science on scientific field research. The meeting was a rallying call—an opportunity to share research on conservation science, empower citizen scientists to create change, and inspire participants to support the Earthwatch mission. If you weren’t able to attend in person, enjoy the recap here!


    Dr. William Moomaw, Chief Scientist, Earthwatch

    In his introductory address, Dr. Bill Moomaw discusses the history of climate change research and Earthwatch’s role in environmental research and citizen science.


    Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Research Associate, California Academy of Sciences

    Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, a former Earthwatch scientist who is pioneering a new field of “neuro-conservation,” speaks about the value of citizen science for people and the planet.


    Dr. Lei Lani Stelle, Earthwatch Scientist

    Dr. Lei Lani Stelle presents results from her research in California where she studies the ways in which humans impact marine mammals.


    Dr. Davi Cunha, Earthwatch Scientist

    Dr. Davi Cunha speaks about the HSBC water program in Brazil where citizen science has helped to achieve high- quality, meaningful results to build a database on global water quality.


    Dr. Susan Ryan, Earthwatch Scientist

    Dr. Susan Ryan presents findings from her study in Southwestern Colorado that discusses the ways in which farming revolutionized human behavior in the prehistoric American Southwest.


    Dr. Richard Primack, Professor of Biology, Boston University

    Boston University biologist Dr. Richard Primack discusses the importance of citizen scientists in ecological and climate change research.


    Drs. LeeAnn Fishback and Steve Mamet, Earthwatch Scientist

    Drs. LeeAnn Fishback and Steve Mamet jointly present their research from Churchill, Manitoba where they are studying the effects of climate change in a subarctic ecosystem.


    Dr. Russell Hill, Earthwatch Scientist

    Dr. Russell Hill discusses human-wildlife conflict, presenting findings from his South African research study looking at conflict and conservation among leopard populations.


    Dr. Cristina Eisenberg, Lead Scientist, Earthwatch

    Earthwatch Lead Scientist Cristina Eisenberg presents her work on the interaction between wolves, elk, and fire in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the ways in which citizen science has helped to support it.


    Brian Rosborough, Founder, Earthwatch

    In the closing address, Earthwatch Founder Brian Rosborough discusses the origins of Earthwatch – a partnership between researchers and volunteers – and the power of citizen science in the world today.

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