Graduate Credit

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Earthwatch has partnered with Fitchburg State University to develop an accreditation plan and create a curriculum for all Teach Earth USA fellowship expeditions.

It is our hope that enrollment for graduate credit will elevate the caliber of learning taken from the field, while allowing volunteers to apply their credentials to the world at large. Our partnership with Fitchburg State University will allow volunteers the option of earning 3 credit hours of graduate credit at an additional cost of $485 per expedition.

Fitchburg State University

A field staff member on the expeditions listed below has been certified by Fitchburg State University as a lead instructor to assess participation and quality of fieldwork. The Director of Research at Earthwatch will assess final project submissions based on the rubric outlined in the course syllabus.

2015 Graduate Credit Eligible Expeditions:

Climate Change and Caterpillars in Arizona
(only available to awarded teacher fellows)

Team 4: Jul 24-Aug 1, 2015

Climate Change and Caterpillars in Ecuador
(only available to awarded teacher fellows)

Team 2: Jun 26-Jul 4, 2015

Climate Change at the Arctic’s Edge

Team 2: Jun 28-Jul 8, 2015 (only available to awarded teacher fellows)

Team 3: Jul 10-Jul 20, 2015 (only available to awarded teacher fellows)

Team 5: Aug 4-Aug 14, 2015

Team 8: Sep 22-Oct 2, 2015

Team 9: Feb 8-Feb 18, 2015

Team 10: Feb 23-Mar 4, 2016

Conserving Leopards and Monkeys in South Africa

Team 1: Jun 30-Jul 11, 2015

Team 2: Jul 14-Jul 25, 2015

Team 3: Sep 1-Sep 12, 2015

Team 4: Dec 1-Dec 12, 2015

Team 5: Jan 5-Jan 16, 2015

South African Penguins

Team 3: May 04-May15, 2015

Team 6: Jul 13-Jul 24, 2015

Team 7: Aug 3-Aug 14, 2015

*Please note: Volunteers must have a Bachelor’s Degree or above to enroll for credit.

How to Enroll:

  • Contact Earthwatch by phone to register for graduate credit.
  • Make full payment upon registration.
  • Receive a syllabus and registration form after you sign up for an accredited expedition.
  • Complete your registration form and return it to Earthwatch as soon as possible.
  • Participate on your expedition.
  • Complete your required assignments described in your syllabus within 60 days of returning from the field.
  • Receive your grade within 60 days of assignment submission.

Teach Earth Information.

Teach Earth - Continue your professional development.

Continue your professional development.

“There is still wild, undiscovered beauty in this world and I got to experience it firsthand. This not only increased my desire to teach more about the environment, but fiercely protect it in any way that I can.”
Genevieve Saulter, 2014 Fellow

Teach Earth - Collaborate with colleagues.

Collaborate with colleagues.

“The clouds of the rain forest, the staff, scientists, and fellow teachers—I have made new friends for life. This was such a rewarding experience!”
Marisol Stokes, 2014 Fellow


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