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A key goal of the Earthwatch Teach Earth USA Fellowship program is to bring real life experiences and environmental awareness back to the classroom.

During summer expeditions, Teach Earth fellows participate in workshops designed to guide teachers in applying their expedition learnings to their classroom, school, and community. These workshops are led by Senior Fellows who have participated on a past expedition, demonstrated leadership in implementing their own action project, and are willing to mentor new fellows. Over the course of the expedition each teacher will develop either a community action plan or lesson plan based on his or her expedition experience.

Teach Earth fellows have the opportunity to share their project plan with teacher teammates for feedback and support, or collaborate across districts and disciplines. By reporting, reflecting, and writing, fellows will further contextualize the experience gained in the field and think deeply on how to infuse their new insights into teaching.

We also have a few opportunities for teachers to participate on an expedition during the school year. These fellows will teach their classes about the expedition live from the field through video calls and a daily blog.

Check out highlights from recent Teach Earth projects below

“Ecology and Activism” by a High School Biology Teacher

High School students will take a day trip to local wetlands to develop an emotional connection to nature to prime their minds for absorbing and retaining content. After completing research projects of their own over a period of weeks, high school students will partner with local elementary school students to teach them about the effects of climate change and encourage innovation in others.

“Inspiration from Nature Concert” by a Middle School Band Director

Middle School band students will explore and converse on how nature is depicted in art and music. Students will practice musical expression through pieces depicting the power and beauty of nature. Each student will write prose justifying their selections and explaining this connection. Students will perform these pieces in a themed concert at the end of the year. Musical selections will alternate between presentations from guest scientists and educators on climate change.

“Saving California from the Worst Drought” by a High School Chinese Teacher

To address local drought, students and community members will design and translate flyers into Chinese to explain new state water regulations. The flyers will be displayed in shops, classrooms, and distributed at gatherings of the Chinese community. The group will also design and conduct bilingual surveys for distribution in local neighborhoods, including questions about water use, lawn care, and efficiencies. After analyzing the results, a summary will be sent to both English and Chinese newspapers.

Teach Earth Information.

Teach Earth - all educators plays a role in the life of a student

Every educator plays a role in the life of a student.

“I will bring my experience of data collecting and documenting to my art classes. Students will research and look at the subject from a different perspective other than visual.”
Cassandra Kapsos, 2017 Fellow

Teach Earth - Embed environmental responsibility into your community culture.

Embed environmental themes into your curriculum.

“Working with the other teachers strengthened my professional knowledge and provided professional development that directly supports the work I do with my students each day.”
Anne Marie Wotkyns, 2017 Fellow

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