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Special Interest Groups

Earthwatch offers expedition opportunities for many different kinds of groups. We'll work with you to tailor the experience to your group's needs.

Here are just a few ways you – and people you know – can get involved in an Earthwatch Expedition.


Earthwatch connects people from zoos and aquariums with wildlife in their natural habitat.

Join us in supporting the work of the world's premier scientists and inspire your own scientists, curators, zoo keepers, volunteers, and community supporters. Get them into the field to encounter, understand, and help protect the habitats and species they care so deeply about.


Earthwatch will work with your alumni association to design a truly different excursion experience for your alumni of all ages.

As more and more young alumni indicate they’re eager to join volunteer options with their alma maters, offering an alumni expedition will help your school connect with a generation that ranks the environment as one of its top concerns.


Volunteer with friends, family members, your church group, your scouting troop, or your civic club. Get together and roll up your sleeves to help meet the crucial environmental challenges of our time.


Special Interest Groups - Zoos and Aquariums

Earthwatch connects people from zoos and aquariums with wildlife in their natural habitat.

Special Interest Groups - Alumni Associations

We work with alumni associations to design truly different excursion experiences.

Special Interest Groups - Community Groups

Bring together your community group to help meet crucial environmental challenges.

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