Step 3: Once your Research Proposal is accepted, you’ll partner with us so that volunteers may join your Earthwatch Expedition:

Provided are some of the materials Earthwatch works with our scientists on to build their expedition:

At the end of each field season, we’ll assess the success of your program based on:

  • Field Report – A report on the scientific accomplishments of the year.
  • Post-Fielding Evaluation – The researcher’s evaluation of the years’ experience with Earthwatch teams.
  • Final Accounting – A description of how funds were spent vs. budget.


Step 1: Submit a Concept Note

Puerto Ricos Rainforest

If your Concept Note raises interest, you'll be invited to submit a Research Proposal.

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Step 2: Submit a Proposal

Launch an Earthwatch Project

Our proposal review process is guided by our aim to connect people from all walks of life with leading scientists working on crucial environmental research projects locally and globally.

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Frequent Questions from Scientists

Investigating Whales and Dolphins of the Norwegian Arctic

For more information about how Earthwatch grants projects, including what costs can be covered, please see our Frequent Questions from Scientists.

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