Earthwatch: Launch Your Project

Once your Research Proposal is accepted, you’ll partner with us so that volunteers may join your Earthwatch Expedition:

Provided are some of the materials Earthwatch works with our scientists on to build their expedition:

At the end of each field season, we’ll assess the success of your program based on:

  • Field Report – A report on the scientific accomplishments of the year.
  • Post-Fielding Evaluation – The researcher’s evaluation of the years’ experience with Earthwatch teams.
  • Final Accounting – A description of how funds were spent vs. budget.


Submit a Pre-Proposal

Puerto Ricos Rainforest

Earthwatch will select pre-proposals for development into full research proposals. To submit a pre-proposal, click here.

Funding FAQs

Investigating Whales and Dolphins of the Norwegian Arctic

For answers to commonly asked questions regarding grants click here.