Earthwatch: Emerging Scientists

As part of the Emerging Scientist program, Earthwatch supports scientific training opportunities for conservationists who are underfunded and in need of practical field experienced.

We seek future leaders and work with local organizations and individuals to ensure long-lasting, positive impacts on the community and the environment. We support practical field experience and scientific training opportunities for underfunded or underrepresented conservationists.

Become an Emerging Scientist

A limited number of Emerging Scientist grants are available annually to early-career researchers who work with Earthwatch scientists, mainly in developing countries. For more information on eligibility or how to apply, Contact Us.

By targeting doctoral candidates, recent postdoctoral researchers, and other early-career scientists, Earthwatch supports dynamic researchers with bright futures and a dedication to education. Earthwatch is interested in fostering the fresh ideas and talent of these young scientists. We are particularly interested in researchers who involve local communities and host country nationals.

We depend on funding and support from funding agencies and generous individuals to continue our outstanding program of training emerging scientists.

Emerging Scientists Grants

Winguard Wildlife Mongolian

Emerging scientists are working to preserve wildlife in Mongolia’s Ikh Nart Nature Reserve.
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