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Trees in the Tundra

At the southern edge of the Arctic, in Canada’s Hudson Bay lowlands, lies Churchill, Manitoba—a small town that sits at the convergence of tundra, forest, freshwater, and marine ecosystems. Also known as the “polar capital of the world”, Churchill is located at the Arctic treeline, and is extremely sensitive to small environmental changes that have a huge impact on ecosystems. 

The Plight of African Penguins

The population of African penguins on Robben Island, South Africa has declined by more than 90 percent in the last 100 years. Earthwatch’s research over the past 15 years is helping scientists and policy makers to understand how African penguins are breeding, where they’re hunting for food, whether chicks are surviving, and if methods to help protect these birds—from setting up nest boxes to hand rearing malnourished chicks to potentially relocating entire breeding colonies—were, are, or will be, effective. 

Is the Sun Setting on Rhinos?

Widespread poaching is decimating rhino populations. For Lynne MacTavish, an Earthwatch researcher, losing a beloved rhino to poachers further emphasized her passion and dedication to protecting the lives of these animals. With the support of Earthwatch, Lynne is conducting research on rhinos and taking on new efforts to combat poaching in South Africa, and around the world. 

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