Microsoft Backs Earthwatch IT Upgrade
Microsoft Backs Earthwatch IT Upgrade
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Microsoft Backs Earthwatch IT Upgrade

The support from Microsoft will enable Earthwatch to upgrade several IT systems, improving links between its seven international offices. Earthwatch will also benefit from better communications, including social networking, with its thousands of supporters and volunteers worldwide. Microsoft was introduced to Earthwatch by HSBC, which has worked with Earthwatch to embed sustainability with the bank’s employees for more than 10 years. Microsoft managers joined an Earthwatch workshop with HSBC and are currently investigating an employee engagement program with Earthwatch.
Earthwatch chief operating officer Eve Carpenter said: “Earthwatch will benefit enormously from Microsoft’s generous donation of software and technical expertise. Microsoft took the time to help us map out our future IT requirements, and their consultants were really enthusiastic about working with our organization.”

“This will be a great help to Earthwatch’s growth, as we reach out and enable increasing numbers of people around the world to engage with Earthwatch in addressing important environmental issues. We look forward to working closely with Microsoft in several areas, such as helping companies reduce their energy usage through the smarter use of IT.”

Mary-Anne King, Microsoft UK’s head of environmental sustainability, said: ”We are delighted to be helping Earthwatch use technology to collaborate more effectively with their staff, volunteers, researchers, and sponsors. This is a great example of how technology can enable individuals and businesses to work together with a charity to reduce our impact on the environment.”

Bill Thomas, group head of HSBC Technology Services Sustainability, said: “We always intended that HSBC’s pioneering engagement work with Earthwatch would act as a model for other companies to follow. Microsoft is one of our major suppliers, and we told them about how Earthwatch has helped a lot of people at HSBC make sense of sustainability. When we introduced the two organizations, Microsoft picked up on the genuine passion of the Earthwatch people, and I’m delighted that this has developed into a relationship with great potential.”

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