Help turn the tide for World Oceans Day
Help turn the tide for World Oceans Day
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Help turn the tide for World Oceans Day

Our oceans are under immense pressure. Overfishing, global warming and pollution threaten to transform the richness of the sea life we all depend on. The wealth of our seas lies in their diversity, yet our rich ocean wildlife is rapidly being depleted. Meanwhile, only 3.41% of our oceans are designated marine protected areas.

Here’s how you can make a difference today.

Sign up to join an Earthwatch Expedition: Hop on a boat or strap on a SCUBA kit

Data from Earthwatch scientists enables us to identify and appoint new areas for protection. This is critical if we are to save our oceans wild populations. And you can help.

Earthwatch offers a number of expeditions to suit you whatever your experience and skills. You could investigate the effect of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on loons; learn techniques to better understand sharks in Belize or South Africa ; or track dolphins in the Adriatic Sea.

Learn more about the critical issues affecting our oceans

Our recent event at the Royal Geographical Society, London, Turning the Tide: Coastal Communities and Conservation, explored innovative projects helping to protect tropical coasts and the resources and services they provide.

Our panel of distinguished speakers shared their expertise and experiences: from trawling for micro plastics in the Arctic Northwest Passage, to community based mangrove conservation in Kenya, seaweed aquaculture; and coral reefs in the Seychelles.Watch highlights from the event here.

Give to protect marine wildlife and save the resources we depend on

You can make a huge difference simply by donating. Your gift could enable us to plant mangroves, regenerating a vital coastal ecosystem in Kenya. It could could buy flipper tags to track and protect Robben Island’s endangered African penguins. It could even train a local warden to patrol a turtle nesting beach in Costa Rica. Find out more here.

Finally, take a dive through a stunning coral reef in the Seychelles right now

No, you don’t need a SCUBA kit. Just click here to watch a film, shot recently by our scientist Prof. David Smith, and be transported to this vibrant and beautiful underwater ecosystem. You can see how Earthwatch participants get involved in the research here.

Happy World Oceans Day, from Earthwatch. Don’t forget to tell us how you’re getting involved on Twitteror Facebook .

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