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Five years of FreshWater Watch

From the urban metropolis of Shanghai to the deserts of the United Arab Emirates and the wetlands of India, discover new insights into the key causes of water quality loss and ecosystem degradation both globally and locally, triggering important conservation actions, thanks to volunteers involved in FreshWater Watch.

Earthwatch Podcast Trailer

With over 50 research expeditions around the world, we have countless stories to share.

From Earthwatch, the environmental nonprofit connecting citizens with scientists, comes the Earthwatch Podcast. This season, we delve into the human conflict in conservation. From the coastal marshes of Texas to the seagrass meadows of Southeast Alaska and beyond, follow us as we explore the conservation efforts underway to protect endangered species and ecosystems. (The music in this trailer is “Partly Sage” by Blue Dot Sessions, provided under the Attribution-Noncommercial License.)


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