A Killer’s Charm
A Killer’s Charm

A Killer’s Charm

Off the coast of Iceland’s Westman Islands, a massive, black fin pierces through the waves...then a second, and a third. Fountains of seawater spray into the air. Beneath the surface, the "blackfish" call out to each other, their voices rhythmic as they sing and click a language unique to their pod. A family of killers, the wolves of the sea.

Nothing can prepare you for the moment you first experience a pod of killer whales in the wild. But for Earthwatch volunteers, it’s about more than bearing witness to these majestic creatures. It’s about understanding and conserving a species that has captivated our hearts and minds for generations.

In our latest multimedia feature story, you’ll discover the unique and at times distressing history of our relationship with killer whales. And you’ll find out why our mission to study this species in Iceland is so vital.


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