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Learn more about how Teach Earth USA Fellows navigate the fellowship experience and the weeks leading up to their expedition.

Preparing for the field

Research tasks vary with each expedition, and you’ll be trained on everything you need to know in the field. But before you go, please carefully read your expedition briefing for what to bring and for more information about the research!


Before your Expedition:

  • Immediately read the Award Agreement and Fellowship Guidelines, and submit the following:
    • Signed Fellowship Award Agreement
    • Short biography (3 – 4 sentences)
    • Picture of yourself

60 Days before the Expedition:

  • Read Expedition Briefing and book your own travel (using information we email to you)
  • Complete the Participation Form and Travel Form using your MyEarthwatch Account
  • Read background material and think about issues in your classroom or community you would like to improve through your Teach Earth project
  • Complete pre-fielding survey
  • Write a press release for local media outlets (optional)

On your Expedition:

  • Participate fully and to the best of your abilities
  • Get a picture of yourself working in the field
  • Write daily journal entries or blog posts (optional)

30 Days after the Expedition:

  • Complete post-fielding survey
  • Submit your Fellowship Report including your community action plan or lesson plan proposal
  • Share your experience with others and spread the word about Earthwatch


Teach Earth USA Fellows are supported by generous individual donors, foundations, and grants, to make classrooms exciting and inspirational. Learn more about these teachers through their projects, passions, and leadership styles!

2014 Teach Earth Fellow, Bridget Fredrickson, gearing up before her expedition to Puerto Rico’s Rainforest this July ©TorranceCitiCABLE


If you have any questions please contact your Program Coordinator using the information listed on your award letter.

Teach Earth Information.

Teach Earth - Explore a new environment.

Explore a new environment.

I think being able to tie research in books with my own experience will make my teaching richer, more inspiring and definitely more relatable. I have cool research stories to back up my book knowledge!
Kay Benitez, 2016 Fellow

Teach Earth - Learn important field tasks on-site.

Learn important field tasks on-site.

I now see the great benefits of Citizen Science in helping to educate the public about these issues, as participating in such research provides an understanding of not only the science behind these issues, but the methodology that the researchers employ to find the factual truth of how humans are impacting the environment negatively and positively as well
Steven Lux, 2016 Fellow