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Experience an Expedition, Inspire a Classroom, Teach Earth.

The Teach Earth USA Fellowship program is based upon the principle that every individual can be involved in creating a sustainable planet, regardless of their level of scientific skill. Each year, we select over 50 teachers from all subject areas to assist scientists on expeditions by collecting data on climate change and sustainable resource management.


  • Spend a week in the summer conducting research with world-class scientists
  • Collaborate with a teacher team and share best practices for engaging your students
  • Gain research skills and content knowledge
  • Opt to receive graduate credit for your expedition
  • Translate your experience into a contribution within your community
  • Ignite an excitement for learning through capstone project


  • K-12 classroom educator in the United States
  • Passionate about teaching
  • Looking to learn more about environmental issues
  • Interested in how scientific research is conducted
  • Excited to collaborate with a national team of teachers
  • Committed to engaging students and the community outside the classroom

(Educators may only receive 2 Teach Earth USA Fellowships in their lifetime).

Award Details:

An awarded fellowship would cover the full cost of your assigned expedition, including meals, accommodations, and on-site transportation. Educator fellowships also provide a travel award to offset out-of-pocket travel expenses to and from the expedition site.

Teach Earth Information.

Teach Earth Teacher Program United States

As an educator fellow, you'll work alongside fellow teachers on an Earthwatch Expedition.

“Being able to share this experience with my fellow teachers and students will have a dramatic ripple effect. This fellowship has certainly recharged me as an educator!”
Julie Benke, 2014 Fellow

Teach Earth is all about genuine scientific research

Teach Earth is all about genuine scientific research.

“We were doing real science, in the real world. I am more inspired than ever to do what I can to make a difference.” Tracy Lavallee, 2014 Fellow