Project Kindle, United States

Project Kindle, United States


Lead your students on the experience of a lifetime

Earthwatch expeditions are unlike any other travel experience. Teachers and students work side by side with world-class scientists collecting data to address some of the world’s most pressing research questions in climate change, ocean health, wildlife and ecosystems, and archaeology.

We want teachers to feel confident and prepared when they bring a group of students on an Earthwatch expedition. Through Project Kindle teachers like you are trained on organizing a student group and experience an expedition before leading one. Each year we select highly motivated teachers who want to engage and inspire their students through hands-on scientific field research in 2018 or 2019.

The program will prepare you to organize your students to join an expedition through training sessions and resources that cover a range of topics including: best practices for recruiting students, communicating with parents, seeking scholarship funding for students, and overcoming additional obstacles.

The Project Kindle Experience:

  • Experience all aspects of an Earthwatch expedition before leading students on one.
  • Explore ways to align your student group expedition with your school’s learning model.
  • Gain confidence, skills, and knowledge in leading student travel.
  • Support a critical conservation research project and help to solve key environmental challenges.
  • Invigorate your teaching with new insights and inspire your students to take action.
  • Collaborate with a team of teachers and share best practices, ideas, and the spirit of team-based scientific inquiry.
  • Ignite scientific discovery and environmental awareness within your classroom.


  • High School classroom teachers within the U.S. are eligible to apply
  • Available to travel for 7-14 days
  • Commitment to engaging your students on an Earthwatch expedition in 2018 or 2019
  • Time and flexibility in your schedule to take on this commitment
  • Passion for education
  • Interest in how scientific research is conducted
  • Enthusiasm for collaborating with a team of teachers from diverse background and expertise

Award Details:

A Project Kindle Fellowship includes the full cost of your assigned expedition, including meals, accommodations, and on-site transportation. Fellows also receive a travel award grant to offset out-of-pocket travel expenses to and from the expedition site. Travel award value varies by project location.

We have 16 grant-funded spaces available for the 2017 Project Kindle Fellowship. 8 fellowships are available for teachers from any U.S. high school. The other 8 fellowships are specific to NYC high school teachers.

How to apply for a 2017 fellowship:

  1. Begin your application by clicking the Apply Now button on the right hand side bar
  2. Complete your application by January 31, 2017
  3. Phone interviews will be conducted in February 2017
  4. Fellowship notifications will be sent by April 2017

Click here to apply for Project Kindle:

“The possibility of leading students exclusively from my school on an Earthwatch expedition in the future is very exciting. The training provided by Earthwatch was very thorough, and I now feel that I am well-prepared to plan an educational, hands-on research project with Earthwatch for the students I teach. I have always wanted to take students on a trip outside of the United States, and now I feel very confident about doing so.”
Steve Lux, 2016 Fellow

“There's a big part missing in teaching every day that comes from being removed from the actual science. Participating in Earthwatch has allowed me an outlet to actually do science again and to be outside learning.”
Lena Cosentino, 2016 Fellow