Earthwatch: Our Offer to Business - Community Engagement

Helping Communities Help Their Local Environments

In addition to the business community, Earthwatch engages local community stakeholders, teachers, students, and early-career scientists in our environmental projects around the world.

Engaging communities directly in environmental sustainability and conservation is one of the most powerful tools to promote understanding and action for a sustainable environment.

There are a number of ways your company can support community engagement, including:

  • Community Stakeholders
    • Engage local community and other key stakeholders in environmental research and action
    • Support impactful environmental research and action projects
  • Teach Earth
    • Environmental education initiative
    • Six-month program targeted at teachers, including residential field research experience
    • Equip teachers to bring environmental education to life inside and outside the classroom, providing resources, ideas, and support
    • Maximize impact of investment: each teacher reaches hundreds of students

With support from our partners, we can help communities help their local environments.

Saudi Aramco Partner Profile

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    Saudi Aramco is the state-owned oil company of Saudi Arabia, and supports research and environmental education focused on business-relevant conservation issues.
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“Aramco Overseas Company on behalf of Saudi Aramco is dedicated to best-in-class collaborations to ensure that global energy needs are met for generations to come. We are committed to establishing a robust strategic partnership with Earthwatch Institute, which ranks among the leading environmental think tanks, with internationally recognized experts and a fantastic research potential to help guide our commitment to environmental protection”

Stakeholder Relations
Aramco Overseas Company