Earthwatch Expedition Fund for Gretel von Bargen

Earthwatch Expedition Fund for

Gretel von Bargen
Biology for Life Earthwatch Expedition Fund

Thank you for clicking on the DONATE button! I give many of my IB Biology resources away, for the benefit of students and teachers around the world. If you've found the materials helpful, please consider making a contribution of any amount to this Earthwatch Expedition Fund.

I believe deeply in the Earthwatch mission of promoting science and environmental awareness by connecting volunteers with field science projects. It has been very rewarding to take my students on Earthwatch expeditions to participate in valuable science, learn about global conservation concerns, and make a positive impact in the world.

Donations will be used to help fund future student expeditions. Thank you!

Donation History

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Marissa Bianchi June 25, 2018 $100.00 Thank you, Gretel, for all the passion and energy that you pour into IB Biology. Your spirit of giving and generosity is empowering and inspiring. Sincerely, Marissa
Anonymous May 24, 2018 $25.00 Thank you very much for signing the spirit of open access to science. Your information is thoughtful, well done, and student centered. I hope the students are able to continue their citizen science. Thank you!
Anonymous May 19, 2018 $50.00 I can't thank you enough for the resources on your site! Enjoy the Earthwatch Expedition!!
Cindy May 18, 2018 $50.00 Greta, thank you so so much for your generosity. Your activities are unique and very helpful. I will donate more on the 1st of June!
Dan May 17, 2018 $50.00 Thank you very much for the curriculum. This is my first year teaching IB and it has been a great resource.
Raechel Waters May 02, 2018 $50.00 Thank you so very much for sharing your amazing resources, they have been invaluable for this first year IB teacher! And thank you for the opportunity to give back in a way that supports such an incredible experience for your students.
Amanda Kern April 29, 2018 $20.00 Thank you for sharing all of your resources, they are a constant help. I just received an Earthwatch Kindle Fellowship myself and am excited to join you in leading student expeditions!
Amanda Williams April 24, 2018 $25.00 Thank you for sharing your teaching resources! I can't begin to explain how much they've helped with my first year teaching IB. I hope your expedition goes well this summer!
Gretel von Bargen April 24, 2018 $25.00 I made an initial contribution to my Expedition Fund. Please join me!
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